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The runtime environments will act as schedulers, working cooperatively with hypervisors that map virtual to physical resources and OSes that manage access to physical hardware. This represents a re-factoring of traditional OS services,” said Callahan.

The aim is to better handle the growing number of competing requests in multicore environments. Even today's PCs host a terrifying number” of processes running in parallel, creating sequential-processing bottlenecks and losses in data locality, he said.

RK73G1JTTD3480D_Datasheet PDF

Microsoft will expose its runtime layer to third parties including Intel because it expects there will be a need for many kinds of interoperable software abstractions from different vendors to serve different application types. Tomorrow's software also calls for improved techniques in cooperative scheduling, better thread-level performance and enhanced message passing.

There are a deep set of changes before you can even get to rebuilding libraries and rewriting apps,” said Callahan.

This is an ambitious shift, and this is just their first cut at it,” said Michael McCool, chief scientist at RapidMind (Waterloo, Ontario) which sells parallel programming tools for the x86 and other processors.

RK73G1JTTD3480D_Datasheet PDF

Initially they have done some of the obvious things supporting parallel tasks, but I haven't seen anything about efforts to abstract data,” McCool added.

Tomorrow's parallel programming model will need new categories for sorting data so it can be marshaled into appropriate locations in cache at the right time, said McCool. He noted that Intel's latest high speed processor interconnect significantly reduces latency, but if the wrong data appears in cache, latency can shoot up dramatically.

RK73G1JTTD3480D_Datasheet PDF

In the area of programming tools, Callahan said Microsoft is making extensions to its .Net environment based on its C# 3.0 language. Intel said it will release beta version of four new parallel programming tools in November.

Programmers will need a whole new tool set to help debug, optimize and validate parallel code, Callahan said. Debugging has to move from single-step to visualization tools that capture trends in thousands of synchronized tasks, said McCool.

Winchester, UK – Three European photovoltaic companies, Enerpoint, MHH Solartechnik and SunConnex have agreed to purchase and distribute Advent Solar Inc's Ventura Technology, a comprehensive cell-to-module solar architecture.

Ventura Technology, which was unveiled this week at the 2008 European Union Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference in Valencia, Spain, provides a system-level design approach by combining Emitter-Wrap Through (EWT) back-contact cells with semiconductor device manufacturing methods to create a highly scalable platform for module manufacturing.

Ventura Technology enables Advent Solar to develop solar cells and modules that deliver high energy output by optimizing silicon light capture, and improving cell and module-level connectivity to minimize resistive losses. The architecture provides higher cell-to-module efficiency, while using thinner silicon wafers to reduce costs.

The partnership agreement enables Advent Solar and its European partners to deploy more than 250 megawatts (MW) of Ventura-based solutions in Europe by 2013.

Advent Solar plans to provide solar solutions based on Ventura Solar Technology by partnering with three established European solar installers, integrators and distributors, including:


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