ESR25JZPJ433_Datasheet PDF

ESR25JZPJ433_Datasheet PDF

The new Technosoft MCK28335 kits with source code and MATLAB libraries are complete motion control development and evaluation packages based on TI’s latest floating-point digital signal controller: TMS320F28335. With this embedded floating-point processor, users will significantly save development time and effort; specific issues related to fixed-point processors (as saturation, overflow, scaling of parameters and variables) are no longer a problem now.

MCK28335 Kits C Pro-MS (BL or IM) represent the most advanced existing development platforms in the digital motor control field. They are plug-and-play systems, with complete C language source code, including a MATLAB motion library, and Simulink models for PMSM position and speed control. They also include complete DSP source code (not generated from MATLAB) optimized for real-time execution for PMSM and BLDC speed control. A powerful development software platform based on RS232 serial communication complements the hardware (controller board, 3-phase inverter module and brushless or induction motor).

Both BL (brushless) and IM (induction) kit versions are self-contained, so designers can start their project evaluation and development immediately. They will discover how easy it is to control a brushless motor in trapezoidal or sinusoidal mode, or an induction motor in vector control or V/f mode. Moreover, for experienced designers these kits are an impressive and very efficient starting point for any advanced motion control application. Starting from the MATLAB-Simulink model, users can adapt the control model, simulate the system, then automatically generate the C code for their schematics. This code can be tested on DSP and simulation results can then be compared with the real control results.

ESR25JZPJ433_Datasheet PDF

The Technosoft MCK28335 professional kits with source code and MATLAB libraries are perfectly suited solutions for the quick development, testing and validation of any brushless or induction motor control application. Designers will save important resources by using this development procedure. Replacing a hardware (motor, inverter, sensors) or software (control blocks) component is easily feasible here. This approach offers a major advantage: it always starts from a functional, complete system, and makes it much easier to detect the effect of the change in the application architecture.

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ESR25JZPJ433_Datasheet PDF

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An extension from ITT’s VG95234/CIR-connector family, the range of rugged CIR LK quarter turn lock connectors has been specially designed to satisfy the specific needs of touring and studio based lighting and audio applications. Able to withstand any harsh conditions associated with live sound and outdoor broadcast environments, CIR LK connectors provide fast coupling and un-coupling and are fully vibration resistant. An audible ‘snap-in’ lock ensures full mating and is designed to withstand at least 2000 mating cycles.

CIR LK connectors are suitable for multicore applications and are available in eight different layouts featuring 13, 25, 37, 54, 85, 100, 150 and 159 crimp- and/or solder contacts. The devices also benefit from an IP65 rating (waterproof up to 10m (33 ft.) over 12 hours).

The connectors are available in several different shell styles including front mounted receptacles, rear mounted receptacles, panel plug-square flange and inline receptacles. The straight plug connector is also available with a rubber covered coupling nut. Cable strain relief grips and metric as well as PG threaded skintops are also available.


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