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PowerPAC was designed to simplify the power management bill of materials and increase system reliability, Chandra said.

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PowerPAC was designed to simplify the power management bill of materials and increase system reliability, Chandra said.

Semiconductor IP blocks, whether for individual applications or system-on-chip (SoC) products, can cost between $20,000 and $1 million, de-pending on the application, said Jim Venable, vice president of sales and marketing at Palmchip, San Jose. Until now, companies have had to pay upfront fees for the IP blocks, he said.

With the economy in the state that it is, and companies struggling to manage their cash flow, it has been difficult for small companies to purchase IP,” Venable said. The agreement with Dimension Funding will allow some start-ups to obtain IP funding, he said.

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Companies seeking to license Palmchip's stable of 30 IP blocks and two SoC platforms will still negotiate pricing directly with Palmchip, but now will have the choice of financing the sale through Dimension Funding, Irvine Calif.

To our knowledge, no one in the IP industry has offered this type of innovative service,” Venable said. This offering gives small companies–or any company that wants to carefully manage their cash outlay–a way to immediately get the technology they need to build their products while at the same time conserving their cash until the product goes into production.”

Michael Wagner, chief executive of Dimension Funding, said the transaction will enable his company to expand its services into a new market.

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Reaching into the contract manufacturing industry for its next leader, Arrow Electronics Inc. last week named industry veteran William Mitchell president and chief executive.

Mitchell, 58, the former president of Solectron Global Services, is expected to help Arrow build its relationship with EMS providers, which now contribute at least 25% to the broad-line distributor's procurement volume, according to Matthew Sheerin, an analyst at Thomas Weisel Partners LLC, New York.

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It doesn't hurt that the president and chief executive comes from contract manufacturing given it is clearly the single most important customer segment,” Sheerin said.

The relationship between EMS providers and distributors has been tense over the years and it will help to have someone at the top who has a good understanding of that industry to build and maintain relationships.”

Eye Opening extensions –

Signal conditioning may further enhance all three technologies. This includes signal modification at the source end with either pre-emphasis or de-emphasis. Or post equalization at the load end with special amplifier stages and or equalizer (analog or digital) circuits in the front-end of the receiver device. The information sent may also be optimized” for data transmission. Encoding of the data can be done to lesson the ISI effects and improve signal quality. One example of this is the popular 8b/10b encoding that guarantees a minimum number of transitions per frame, and DC balance of the data; these two attributes also lesson ISI effects. This of course also makes the transmission compatible with AC coupling but requires 20% overhead.

Inter-Operation of different technologies

In some applications an interface between different technologies may be desired. Before making the connection, a review of the two interfaces needs to be made. First check that the mechanical (connector) and the functional (protocol) are compatible. Once this is done, the electrical compatibility should be checked. The following items should be checked: driver output level and offset, termination, and receiver input threshold and input range. Depending upon the interface, there may be wide variability between specific vendors implementations – therefore a careful review of each device's datasheet is recommended. For example some PECL inputs support an input range that is less that the supply rail, while others allow input voltages outside of the device's rails.


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