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In response, the Melville, N.Y., semiconductor supplier reiterated its rejection of Vishay's takeover offer as not in the interests of its shareholders.

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In response, the Melville, N.Y., semiconductor supplier reiterated its rejection of Vishay's takeover offer as not in the interests of its shareholders.

The Singapore-based EMS provider has won an outsourcing contract with French telecom giant Alcatel to assemble GSM phones in Europe. Under the agreement, 830 Alcatel employees at the company's Laval, France, manufacturing plant will be transferred to Flextronics. The deal is expected to close in June and could generate annual revenue of between $200 million and $300 million, said Thomas Hopkins, an analyst at Bear, Stearns and Co., New York.

Alcatel, which has a 10% share of the 140 million unit European handset market, is the latest cell phone maker to increase its outsourcing efforts to reduce operating costs. A weaker economic environment has contributed to the decline in demand for handsets and has seen telecom OEMs such as Ericsson, Motorola, and Nokia reveal plans to beef up outsourcing with EMS partners to cut costs.

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Flextronics, counts Ericsson and Motorola among its cell phone clients, has set up low cost manufacturing operations in China, Eastern Europe, and Mexico in recent years. The company is also mentioned as a front runner to snare cell phone business from a joint venture announced this week by Ericsson and Japanese consumer electronics giant Sony Corp., according to industry analysts.

We believe the [Lavan] facility would get the contract to assemble successive upgrades of Alcatel handsets and that it could also be used to assemble 3G handsets for other European cell phone makers,” said Bear Stearns' Hopkins. This is continuing proof that the recent downturn for OEMs is leading to an acceleration in outsourcing that will generate incremental revenue for the EMS sector.”

Flextronics described the Alcatel agreement as a strong partnership,” though analysts characterized the deal as relatively short term.

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Obviously, it would have been better to have heard that Flextronics had a multi-year agreement,” said Louis Miscioscia, an analyst at Lehman Brothers Inc. in New York. As long as you perform well, more business will come.”

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.–Despite a number of setbacks–including product delays, an economic slowdown, and a wave of negative reports–the Bluetooth wireless connection format is still expected to grow to 955 million units in 2005, according to a new report from Cahners In-State Group here.

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The research firm said the five-year compound annual growth rate for Bluetooth will still be at a highly respectable 360% between now and 2005. Moreover, the semiconductor potential in Bluetooth will reach $4.4 billion in 2005, said the market research company.

The year 2000 was a year of trials and tribulations for Bluetooth,” said Joyce Putscher, director of the Consumer and Converging Markets and Technologies Group at In-Stat. However, positive signs are here as more silicon is going into production, more products are closing in on production schedules and are coming to market very soon.”

DesignCon 2014 will arrive 63 days from today, on January 28. One week from today — December 3 — we’ll hold a live online chat to discuss everything DesignCon. Barry Sullivan will join Janine Love and me at 10:00 a.m. PST (1:00 p.m. EST) to talk about the technical program, the exhibition, and the general state of high-speed digital signals.

DesignCon, held in Santa Clara, Calif., brings together engineers who model, design, construct, and test ICs, circuits, and systems that contain the world’s highest speed serial links. At DesignCon, 5 Gbit/s speeds are considered pedestrian” and almost everyone is working on 28 Gbit/s and higher speeds. At DesignCon 2013, one technical session delved into simulated data rates of 41 Gbit/s and 56 Gbit/s.

Which technical tracks do you attend at DesignCon? For me, it’s Track 13: Apply Test and Measurement Methodology, but not exclusively. For one thing, I would never miss (and neither should you) the annual opening panel session on January 28 at 4:45 p.m., this time called Battle on the Chip — Embed vs De-Embed? where the usual cast of characters — Eric Kvamme, Greg LeCheminant, Mike Li, Chris Loberg, Martin Miller, Ransom Stephens, and Pavel Zivny — will show what test and measurement vendors can do to make measurements possible at 28 Gbits/s. I’m sure they’ll be arguing all the way, but that’s the whole point of the session. Here’s your chance to question and provoke the panelists about your measurement problems. But, why wait for DesignCon to tell us your technical issues when you can chat about them on December 3?

Plan your DesignCon experience using the Schedule Builder, then download the mobile app (take a tour) and your schedule will flow right in.


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