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You'll find five patent related articles in the news section of this site this week. Some sound an alarm. One offers some hope in the headline, only to dash it with the author's words.

16-9574-0125_Datasheet PDF

You'll find five patent related articles in the news section of this site this week. Some sound an alarm. One offers some hope in the headline, only to dash it with the author's words.

And finally let us recognize that if we just continue to give conference attendees the same answers they have heard before, they will stop coming. Our industry must find the courage to see things differently, to admit that change, with all the indeterminism it brings, is required, and that not all system companies will find the latest process node the most efficient implementation vehicle for their products.

CHANDLER, Ariz. — SpeedFam-IPEC Inc . here has received a multi-system follow-on order for the company's orbital AvantGuard 776 tool from Silterra Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. in Kulim, Malaysia.

16-9574-0125_Datasheet PDF

Silterra, a full-service contract semiconductor manufacturing provider, will usethe systems to planarize tungsten and oxide thin films, as well as for shallow trench isolation process applications for ASIC devices at the 0.18-micron design rule.

K.C. Ang, Silterra's vice president of operations, said, In a multi-supplier evaluation, SpeedFam-IPEC's AvantGuard 776 systems demonstrated superior process performance in tungsten, oxide and STI process applications. These tools will play a critical role in allowing us to ramp up our manufacturing capacity in our Kulim factory.”

This order nearly doubles the total number of SpeedFam-IPEC CMP systems at Silterra's facility, adding to the substantial number of CMP systems sold to companies in this region during this quarter. The order further demonstrates SpeedFam-IPEC's continued penetration of the Asian market.

16-9574-0125_Datasheet PDF

The AvantGuard 776 provides dry-in/dry-out CMP wafer processing. The system integrates four independent wafer-polishing orbital technology platens, automatic wafer handling system and cleaning capabilities that enable high productivity and low cost of ownership.

SAN JOSE — Silicon Valley Group here announced today a multiple system order for its Micralign product line from a major European semiconductor manufacturer supplying chips to the automotive and telecommunications industries. The order is valued atmore than $10 million, and shipments are earmarked for the customer's French and Singapore facilities.

16-9574-0125_Datasheet PDF

With the largest depth of focus and tightest overlay at 0.25 micron of any one-to-one scanning projection aligner on the market, the Micralign complements SVG*s broad spectrum of lithography product offerings for critical and sub-critical applications.

This is a significant order from a customer that has one of the largest installed base of Micralign Systems in the world today,” explained John Shamaly, president of SVG Lithography Systems. This latest order represents our customer's long-term commitment to using SVG's scanning projection aligners that has spanned over twenty years.”

This is an interesting and revealing choice of words: why is he saying you've constructed” instead of we constructed” ? The sides seem to be drawn between these men – along religious as well as political lines.

And what about the response from the commander on the bridge? Don't try to frighten us with your sorcerer's ways, Lord Vader. Your sad devotion to that ancient religion has not helped you conjure up the stolen data tapes, or given you clairvoyance enough to find the Rebel's hidden fortress. . .”

Why would a commander of the Death Star, in full knowledge that the Emperor of the entire evil Empire is a Sith, insult Vader and the elite religion of the Galaxy? If this was not a common opinion, would not this officer be acting in a treasonous was in front of his superior”? He could only pull off such an insult if he felt that Vader would not want to kill him openly – i.e. that Lord Tarkin could order Vader to stop – and that he would defer to the commands of this simple Governor of the Imperial Outland Regions?

Something is fundamentally wrong with this picture – or is it that it is simply too right”? Was the force far more powerful than any material weapon, as Darth Vader asserts? Was Vader intentionally allowing the tapes to be stolen and kept, and did he know the location of the hidden fortress?

With this in mind, let's consider the following hypothesis and assertions – consider that both Vader and the Emperor have come to realize that to manage the empire they must keep the powers aligned in their favor. In this view, the skeletal Grand Moff Tarkin, Governor of the Imperial Outland Regions – whose power-mad goal to dominate every planet within his reach is nearing completion – is a greater threat to the Empire and the Emperor than the rebels themselves.


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