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Many of the panelists seemed to suggest that spending European tax-payers' money on 450-mm wafer research was not in their interest and risked diminishing support for mixed-signal, RF, MEMS and other CMOS derivatives below critical levels.

V300C5C100BF3_Datasheet PDF

Many of the panelists seemed to suggest that spending European tax-payers' money on 450-mm wafer research was not in their interest and risked diminishing support for mixed-signal, RF, MEMS and other CMOS derivatives below critical levels.

…I just heard from my old chum Tara Yingst, who emailed me to say: Hi Max, how are you doing? Did you hear that I recently joined Greenliant (it’s a spin-out of the Microchip-SST acquisition). I saw your article about backing-up data and wish I could suggest our SSDs, but they are embedded.

Still, thought you might want to see what we’re up to–today we announced sampling of our new I-grade SATA NANDrive to select customers. Greenliant is the only company offering I-grade SATA solid-state drives in a small, BGA (ball-grid array) form factor. Compared to other SSDs on the market, NANDrive is a single, integrated package that does not require special host software and has lower power consumption. NANDrive frees embedded designers from having to worry about frequent NAND technology changes and qualifying multiple suppliers.

V300C5C100BF3_Datasheet PDF

Actually I am very interested in this, mainly because the concept of presenting a solid state drive (SSD) in the form of a BGA package for use in an embedded system had simply never struck me. What a good idea! I can see this being of use for a wide variety of embedded applications. Anyway, the following is the press release Tara was talking about – this was announced earlier this week at the Embedded World Conference in Nuremberg, Germany – I wish I’d been there… maybe next year…

Greenliant Systems , a leader in energy-efficient, highly secure and reliable solid-state storage products, is now sampling the industrial-grade version of its SATA interface NANDrive GLS85LS embedded solid-state drive (SSD) product family to select customers. Available in 2, 4 and 8 GB, the new NANDrive devices operate at temperatures between -40 and +85 degrees Celsius, giving customers long operating life and high reliability storage that can endure harsh environments.

The industrial-grade Greenliant NANDrive combines a SATA NAND controller with single-level cell (SLC) NAND flash die for a fully-integrated SSD in a multi-chip package. For applications requiring the durability and speed of solid-state storage in very small form factors, SATA NANDrive devices are one of the industry's smallest SSDs at 14mm x 24mm x 1.85mm. NANDrive is offered in a 145 ball grid array (BGA), 1mm ball pitch package for easy, space-saving and cost-effective mounting to a system motherboard.

V300C5C100BF3_Datasheet PDF

Designers of industrial electronics are concerned about the lifetime of their products and how changes in technology will affect those products,” said Bing Yeh, CEO of Greenliant Systems. NANDrive is an integrated SSD that addresses these concerns with robust wear leveling technology and advanced error correction code (ECC) algorithms. It extends the NAND flash lifetime and gives customers added protection against NAND flash supply issues.”

NANDrive has the same footprint across all capacities, and can be easily upgraded in the field without host software and hardware changes. Compatible with many of today's popular chipsets, the SATA interface NANDrive does not require an additional bridge chip between the storage device and chipset.

V300C5C100BF3_Datasheet PDF

Resistant to shock, vibration and humidity, the industrial-grade Greenliant NANDrive embedded SSD has been designed and tested to meet the durability and performance requirements of applications operating in extreme environments, including medical equipment, networking infrastructure, factory automation and automotive electronics.

The Greenliant-proprietary NANDrive design prevents data loss from unexpected power interruptions and read disturb. Its flexible security features make NANDrive an attractive option for secure data-storage applications, by allowing the user to set different protection levels within the SSD.

This article originally appeared on EE Times Europe.

MANHASSET, NY — Three Russian hi-tech organizations have opened a Silicon Valley representative office under one roof to promote and coordinate partnerships between Russian and American companies and investors.

Skolkovo, Rosnano and the Russian Venture Company (RVC) aim to foster scientific cooperation in the IT, biomedicine, energy efficiency, nanotech, nuclear and aerospace sectors.

The opening of our joint Silicon Valley office is another step forward in Russia’s commitment to develop a thriving innovation and technology industry,” said Alexei Sitnikov, Director of International Development at the Skolkovo Foundation, in a statement. We are bringing Silicon Valley know-how and entrepreneurial spirit to Russia to create globally competitive products and services based on cutting-edge research, while also sharing our knowledge and experience with companies here.”

Cisco, Intel, Microsoft and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are already partners in Russia’s high-tech Skolkovo Innovation Center (Skolkovo). Stanford University professor and Nobel laureate Roger Kornberg is co-chairman of the Skolkovo Academic Board. Intel's former chairman Craig Barrett is co-chairman of the Skolkovo Foundation Council.


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