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Windows' popularity among automation engineers is a recent phenomenon. Indeed, many had openly adopted an ABM” (anything but Microsoft) philosophy that had impeded Windows' migration to the factory floor.

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Windows' popularity among automation engineers is a recent phenomenon. Indeed, many had openly adopted an ABM” (anything but Microsoft) philosophy that had impeded Windows' migration to the factory floor.

SIA is working to encourage congress and the administration to take prompt action on policy initiatives—such as high-skilled immigration reform, corporate tax reform, and support for scientific research—that spur growth in manufacturing and technology industries. [See SIA’s 2013 Policy Roadmap]

With effective government policies like these that encourage growth and remove barriers to innovation, the semiconductor industry will continue to drive America’s economic strength, national security and global competitiveness.

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Brian Toohey is president and CEO of the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA), the voice of the U.S. semiconductor industry in Washington, D.C.

NAND flash memory won’t scale forever. As gate sizes shrink, endurance drops, making the development of next-generation non-volatile memory (NVM) a matter of increasing importance. Indeed, analyst Yann De Charentenay at Yole Développement expects the NVM niche memory markets to reach $2 billion by 2018. Will NVM eventually replace DRAM and NAND? Attend the 2013 Memory Workshop at the Innovation Days event held by Leti, the technology transfer arm of the French research and technology institute, and find out. De Charentenay kicks off the one-day workshop, which features an array of speakers from industry and academia covering some interesting-looking topics, including:

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The software in Intel's new Web Tablet was designed using a number of Wind River development tools, and runs on the VxWorks RTOS. The Web Tablet is an Internet appliance that lets consumers access the Web anywhere in a home, sharing the home PC's Internet connection, processing capabilities, and printer.

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In addition to using Wind River's tools, which included Tornado for Internet Appliances, Personal JWorks, and WindStorm, Intel also turned to Wind River for development services, such as simulation and testing.

TOKYO — Mitsubishi Electric Corp. will establish a new wholly owned subsidiary to strengthen its sales and support for system-level chips both within the Mitsubishi group and to major outside customers.

Along a similar line, I’d love to see a paper that provides metrics for different approaches to dynamic voltage and frequency scaling. Intel CPUs have been doing this forever. Nvidia was first to show it in the ARM camp with its Tegra 3. More recently, ARM rolled out its big.little approach for doing it across multiple chips.

I’d love to see a paper compare the MHz per joule of Samsung Octa to Tegra 3 to say, Intel’s upcoming 22nm Bay Trail SoC with the Silvermont Atom core. That would indeed be a cutting edge analysis.

Among other papers I’d like to see would be one describing an ARM-centric RF block geared for the Internet of Things. ARM already has some decent microcontroller-level cores like the Cortex M0. It lacks optimized and integrated RF blocks nimble across the 3G/Wi-Fi/Zigbee bands and protocols IoT devices use.

There’s plenty of room here to craft an optimal package that would make the recently launched Arduino Yun look like a mobile mainframe in size, cost and power consumption. ARM’s outgoing CEO suggested the company is at least considering such designs and standards around them in an interview earlier this year.

Finally, I’d be in the front row for any ARM Tech Con paper by an Apple author. One of ARM’s biggest and most watched users is also its most secretive. What do they wring their hands over when the midnight oil is burning in Cupertino? How about a paper on a new ARM-based IoT SoC for an Apple iWatch—killer!


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