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MOS scaling: Transistor challenges for the 21st century by Thompson, Packan, Bohr of Intel

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MOS scaling: Transistor challenges for the 21st century by Thompson, Packan, Bohr of Intel

EPOS employees who are joining Qualcomm will be integrated into Qualcomm Israel's R&D team and will be focused on delivering new mobile device and service capabilities, Qualcomm said. The firm did not say how many of EPOS' employees would be joining Qualcomm.

EPOS' ultrasound technology works on screen and off screen, as well as in three dimensions, Qualcomm said.

VE-JV0-CY_Datasheet PDF

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SAN FRANCISCO—Texas Instruments Inc. said Wednesday (Nov. 14) it will cut about 1,700 jobs worldwide as part of a previously disclosed plan to re-target R&D for its OMAP product line at the embedded systems market, away from smartphones and tablets.

Executives from TI (Dallas) said in September that the company would shift its R&D investment on the OMAP applications processor to focus on the embedded market, where they said the product line has an opportunity to capture a greater share of what it estimates to be an $18 billion market.

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The announcement that TI would refocus OMAP caught many off guard because the product had notched a number of high-profile design wins. But analysts, particularly Will Strauss of Forward Concepts, said the trend in smartphones is toward integration of the applications processor and baseband processor—a trend TI can't keep up with because it began phasing out its baseband technology years ago.

At the time, TI also noted that Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.—which together dominate the smartphone and tablet markets—design their own applications processors, leaving less of an available market for OMAP to compete in.

Google has been investing heavily in machine learning and language processing over the past few years, which the company uses for data mining and information parsing to boost its ad based revenues.

The firm has also had a long standing relationship with Kurzweil, with Google being a major donor to the futurist’s Singularity University in California. 

Whether Kurzweil will get a chance to develop any consumer facing futuristic products is still unclear, though it’s thought the new executive will be spending some time in Google’s secret X Lab.

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