HALF MOON BAY, Calif. &#151 Forget the doom and gloom.

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HALF MOON BAY, Calif. &#151 Forget the doom and gloom.

MAX4751EUD+_Datasheet PDF

HALF MOON BAY, Calif. &#151 Forget the doom and gloom.


MAX4751EUD+_Datasheet PDF

Colchester, England—Board maker Concurrent Technologies announces a 4-channel asynchronous serial communications PMC (PCI mezzanine card) adaptor. It’s suitable for insertion into CompactPCI or VME bus platforms.

Concurrent's CC PMC/RS1 board is a single-width PMC adaptor that provides four independent RS-232 channels plus an IEEE-1284 parallel port, or four independent RS-422/RS-485 channels. Front I/O and rear I/O is available for both interface types.

An Upgrade

MAX4751EUD+_Datasheet PDF

The CC PMC/RS1 is an upgrade to Concurrent Technologies's legacy serial PMC adaptors (the CC PMC/232 and the CC PMC/422 ). The CC PMC/RS1 can be used with any board-level product that has a standard PMC host interface, including Concurrent Technologies's CompactPCI or VME based PMC host-board processors. The CC PMC/RS1 PCI interface supports a 32-bit 33-MHz PCI bus and is compatible with 3.3-V and 5-V PCI signaling.

For RS-232 data, the CC PMC/RS1 operates at data rates up to 230-kbits/s in full-duplex. The RS-422/RS-485 data rates are up to 4-Mbits/s. The board's maximum dissipation is 2.5-W and 5-W for these speeds, respectively.

MAX4751EUD+_Datasheet PDF

The CC PMC/RS1 uses an Oxford Semiconductor OXmPCI954 quad UART chip. The OXmPCI954 integrates a PCI interface, four UART channels compatible with the industry-standard 16C550 , and a bi-directional IEEE-1284 parallel port. The latter supports SPP (Standard Parallel Port), EPP (Enhanced Parallel Port), and ECP (Enhanced Capability Port) protocols.

Two Versions

The former chip and disk-drive employees pleaded guilty in taking bribes from executives of Citiraya. In return for the bribes, the individuals allegedly resold chips in the open market that were meant for destruction at Citiraya.

Ng Teck Boon, the former assistant general manager of Citiraya and younger brother of its missing ex-chief executive Ng Teck Lee, was sentenced to eight years' jail for his part in the corruption scandal, according to reports. Nine people have thus far been jailed for their parts in the Citiraya scandal.


Dec. 16, 2005

There are major and troublesome quality problems with Japanese-made CCD parts, which are used in digital cameras and camcorders.


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