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Xilinx' September quarter operating margin was 20 percent, up from 15 percent in the prior quarter, the company said.

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Xilinx' September quarter operating margin was 20 percent, up from 15 percent in the prior quarter, the company said.

Its rugged design and compliance with IEC 61850/IEEE1613 standards (KEMA approval imminent), makes the EL228 well suited for extreme environmental conditions, such as those found in the power generation and distribution industry, the transportation industry, and IP-based video security.

CAMBRIDGE, UK — Tyco Electronics is dedicating a special landing page on its website for the solar and photovoltaic industry, backing the portal with the its own research, engineering and test capabilities.

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Under the landing page, customers can find industry related information on junction boxes, cable couplers, combiner boxes, solar cables, grounding solutions and identification labels.

As a leading manufacturer of electronic components and solutions for alternative energy, Tyco Electronics’ product portfolio for the photovoltaic industry is constantly growing and is backed by the company’s research, engineering and test capabilities. 

Tyco Electronics’ Solarlok product portfolio for example delivers a flexible solution for the interconnection of crystalline and thin-film modules used in rack mounted, shingle, tile, or BIPV applications.

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The products are UL approved to UL 1703, UL 1741, UL 4703, UL 854, and UL 467 as applicable, in addition to TUV testing to the VDE V 0126 standard.

Solar junction boxes meet the requirements for IEC 61215 ed. 2 without the need of additional potting materials. Foil termination is simple and easy to use; no foil welding, soldering, or screwing for termination is required.

zener diode protection

The solar wiring connectors use latching systems including an optional solar safety clip that meet the needs for NEC 2008. Tyco Electronics also produces its own dual rated, universal style solar wire as well as a USE-2 solar wire for the American market.

LONDON — Symbian has released the platform micro kernel, and supporting development kit, under the Eclipse Public License, proving, the pioneer in mobile operating systems says, that the Symbian Foundation is shifting to an open source model faster than anticipated.

Our customers are excited about this combination, since they can deliver rich, distinctive personalized user experiences such as mobile Internet, video and commerce. This move complements, differentiates and advances our growth solutions portfolio including Tellabs Mobile, Optical and Business Solutions.”

The acquisition adds WiChorus SmartCore mobile packet core platform, the only currently available platform that is purpose-built for 4G, LTE and WiMax, with support for 3G. The SmartCore platform addresses the unique requirements of the mobile Internet.

It includes a full range of mobile IP products (from low entry price to highly scalable) for applications including GGSN, LTE and WiMax, plus new application enablement with superior DPI capability.

It offers eight times more throughput, four times more simultaneous Internet connections and active users, compared with competitive platforms in gateway applications.

It uniquely combines world-class application analytics with a mobile core gateway for improved traffic engineering and network optimization. Customers can analyze and monetize more than 400 of the top mobile Internet applications.


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