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Johnson, Dr. Howard, High Speed Signal Propagation-Advanced Black Magic”

CRCW1206240KFKTA_Datasheet PDF

Johnson, Dr. Howard, High Speed Signal Propagation-Advanced Black Magic”

Since the VXS Processor Mesh provides the two fabric channels that connect each of the five meshed slots to the rest of the system, and because there are additional RFU pins that could be also used for I/O, the meshed switch slots are very flexible. Any card configuration would be supported whether it required only a single slot or the entire five slots.

A proven upgrade path

CRCW1206240KFKTA_Datasheet PDF

Since the VXS Processor Mesh defines a standard slot and at least three different backplane architectures, there will most likely be a large number of interoperable products available during the next year. For these reasons, VXS Processor Mesh has brought a higher level of performance to VXS, effectively future-proofing the entire VXS product line.

With the addition of the switchless payload mesh architecture (See Diagram 3), and now the Processor Mesh architecture, expect to see a number of additional VXS backplane designs. For instance, it has been clearly demonstrated that the three-slot switchless payload card mesh is not limited to a single set of three cards. Instead, it is quite possible to see as many as seven sets of these three-slot meshes along a single VME backplane. The same is true for a VXS Processor Mesh backplane. Two or even three five-slot mesh segments could be laid out on a single VXS backplane. In this case, I/O would probably have to come in through the front panel or be concentrated at the six remaining payload cards.

CRCW1206240KFKTA_Datasheet PDF

Some applications may not require the performance of the VXS Processor Mesh architecture today. However, a proven performance upgrade path for VME and VXS is an attractive feature. With four 16x redundant mesh channels between each slot, no other architectures on the horizon have more connectivity. Providing both backwards compatibility and a forward performance path, the VXS Processor Mesh offer tremendous flexibility.

You can reach Justin Moll at 1-510-490-7388.

CRCW1206240KFKTA_Datasheet PDF

Products that include a 2-wire bus such as I2 C or SMBus impose trade-offs between fast risetime, low power consumption, and noise immunity. Because the risetime for low-to-high transitions on such open-drain buses is determined by pull-up resistors and bus capacitance, it’s difficult to maintain clean, fast edges as you add peripherals, routing traces, and connectors.

In some cases, a correct sizing of pull-up resistors gives a risetime fast enough for good noise immunity along with acceptable power consumption. But, larger systems with high bus capacitance or portable systems with stringent power requirements may require an active circuit to achieve shorter risetimes for an open-drain signal, Figure 1 .

Any encryption scheme always means additional data processing. This means that SIP devices would need better processing capabilities to be able to use encryption without significantly adding to the latency of the real-time communications. This leads to more costs as well as practical limitations, as many SIP-based VoIP devices are designed for handheld mobile use running on batteries.

Consider the data shown in Table 1.

And the data shown in Table 2.

Firewall and NAT Traversal Firewalls and NATs are the fundamental building blocks of network security. They also pose the toughest challenges to VoIP traversal. Most firewalls use packet filters operating at the OSI IP layer. Modern firewalls also incorporate a relay mechanism or gateway in order to compensate for the effect of these filters on desired traffic.

NATs, on the other hand, hide internal (LAN) devices from the external network (WAN). Connections need to be initiated from inside the NAT. This causes a fundamental problem for VoIP, as no unsolicited incoming calls could be possible. In addition, SIP signaling messages carry IP address and port information of the VoIP device inside the NAT.


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