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SIA ups IC forecast by a wide margin

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SIA ups IC forecast by a wide margin

galvanic isolator for sale

SAN JOSE, Calif. – Applied Materials Inc. on Tuesday (Aug. 24) is expected to roll out a new product-a shallow trench isolation film deposition tool, according to an analyst.

Applied (Santa Clara, Calif.) has scheduled a press event on Tuesday.  ‘’In step with Applied’s renewed emphasis on its (chip-based fab tool) business, the company plans to announce a new tool and film,’’ said C.J. Muse, an analyst with Barclay’s Capital, in a report.  

galvanic isolator for sale

''Our checks suggest Applied will announce a shallow trench isolation film deposition tool to try to retake some of the HDP-CVD (high-density plasma chemical vapor deposition) market that went to spin on dielectrics (SOD) beginning in 2008,’’ Muse said.

The market size for HDP-CVD technology is around $150-to-200 million, according to the analyst.

galvanic isolator for sale

At present, Applied sells the Centura Ultima X HDP-CVD tool. ''Applied's patented Ultima X HDP-CVD reactor design and process technology deposits both undoped (USG) and doped (PSG and FSG) films for a wide range of applications including shallow-trench isolation (STI), pre-metal dielectric (PMD), inter-level dielectric (ILD) inter-metal dielectric (IMD), and passivation,’’ according to the company.

Novellus Systems Inc. and others are also in the HDP-CVD market. But it appears the HDP-CVD market is under pressure by SOD technology, which makes use of spin coaters to deposit the materials on a device.

Our record-level net sales and solid gross margin in the second quarter exceeded our expectations,” said Ken Joyce, Amkor's president and CEO, in a statement. Demand was broad-based across a wide range of applications, with notable growth in ball grid array and chip scale package solutions in support of our consumer and communications end markets.”

Consensus analyst expectations called for Amkor to report sales of $720 million for the second quarter, according to Yahoo Finance.

Amkor said it expects third quarter sales of between $787 million and $817 million, which represent an increase of 5 to 9 percent sequentially. The company expects to report a net imcome for the third quarter of between $96 million and $113 million.

We continue to see solid demand across the business into 2011,” said Joyce.  


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