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Changes over time:

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Changes over time:

But somewhere in between these two parameters there is a huge gap.

According to industry experts, the one thing missing is the linkage between the government, industry, and academia. Each acts in a silo and unless there is a close connection, the kind of innovation we are talking about can never happen. Top tier institutes like IITs have their own incubation centers and now even Tier II colleges are coming up with innovation centers, but most of the ideas through which they get best innovation awards, etc., fizzle out real fast when they come into contact with the real world, which offers no support — funding or otherwise.

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Recently, Ron Summers, president of the US-India Business Council, wrote an interesting article on He said India ranked 147th out of 181 countries in the most recent United Nations Education Index and fewer than 10 percent of Indians have regular access to the Internet.

India struggles with energy security, having one of the lowest per-capita utilization rates regarding access to reliable electricity. According to Indian statistics, every major river in India is grossly polluted and India will soon overtake China as the world's largest producer of greenhouse gases.

All these were stark reminders that underscore how India's progress must be accelerated. But progress at the appropriate scale can only be achieved by innovation.

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To foster innovation, India must become the beacon, the safe haven that respects and rewards intellectual property, a society that upholds and strengthens international commitments, and one that protects intellectual property rights with a vengeance to spur and incentivise innovation,” he said in the report.

India for investment Ron Summers and others who look at India for investment voice grave concerns about intellectual property protection in India, despite the fact that the Indian government released its draft National IPR strategy, which was quite comprehensive. Summers continued in the report:

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Still, over the same period, India has erected barriers to international trade and investment across the full range of IP-intensive industries. Its limitations on foreign direct investment and preferential market access policies have limited investment in critical ICT infrastructure development and trade in high-tech products, limiting India's ability to compete in the global innovation economy.

That is one take from a foreigner.

'Dramatic reduction'

Spence predicted a dramatic reduction in size” for coming polysilicon LCOS projectors — a shrink that will let LCOS play catch-up with projectors based on Texas Instruments Inc.'s digital micromirror devices.

Drive electronics are a big part [of size and weight] because the engine and panel sizes are harder to change,” he said.

There are, of course, a number of other system components beyond the electronics that affect the size, weight, price and imaging quality of a projector or rear-projection system.

Santa Clara, Calif. – Integrated Silicon Solutions Inc. is sampling a 4-Mbit asynchronous SRAM that combines 70- and 85-nanosecond access times with typical standby and operating currents of 2 microamps and 10 mA respectively. The 1.8-volt IS62VV25616 is aimed at portable, handheld and cellular applications. The device is available in a 48-pin mini-BGA for $8 in quantities of 10,000. In a 44-pin TSOP (Type II) package, the price drops to $7.50. Production shipments are planned for the second quarter.


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