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The DAQe-2500 series of cards are competitively priced starting at $690 and are available with discounts in volume.


The DAQe-2500 series of cards are competitively priced starting at $690 and are available with discounts in volume.

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WASHINGTON — The U.S. is the fastest growing global market for wind power, according to the Energy Department's first annual report on U.S wind power installations.

U.S. wind power capacity jumped 27 percent in 2006, the largest incremental jump on record and the highest incremental capacity in the world, the DoE study found.


The wind power industry has entered an era of substantial growth, both globally and in the United States,” said Ryan Wiser, co-author of the report and a scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley, Calif.).

The U.S. ranked third globally in 2006 in cumulative wind power capacity with 11,575 megawatts. Germany was first with 20,652 MW followed by Spain with 11,614 MW. U.S. wind power capacity led the world in 2006 at 2,454 MW, followed by Germany and India.

Intel, Redline and Alvarion also warned against squatter” licensees who obtain rights but do not build out networks. The FCC said it agreed with a Cisco Systems comment that a licensee's slow buildout would not hamper others from using the spectrum.

Intel and Motorola also claimed that a listen-before-talk model of contention protocol was unsuited for long-range operations. The FCC order responded that Cisco and Tropos Networks have shown that such protocols could be added to networks at a reasonable cost.

FCC Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein said that after discussing several licensing approaches with hardware vendors and carriers, I remain convinced that the hybrid licensing approach we first adopted for the 3,650-MHz band is the correct one.”

SAN JOSE, Calif. &#151 Signet Solar plans to establish a thin-film solar module manufacturing plant in India.

Signet Solar's first production line in India will have a capacity of 60 megawatts (MW). It will expand to 1 gigawatt (GW) in annual production over the next ten years.


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