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Some functions, like the first stage of a receiver RF front-end, require higher IP3 devices. This is where a device such as the MAX2062 can help. The MAX2062 dual, 50MHz to 1000MHz RF/IF VGA can be configured for many purposes such as a PA predriver, a diversity IF amplifier, and any VGA for multipath and transmitter applications. The linearity performance of this device is OIP3 of +41dBm and an OIP2 of +56dBm. Each of the two signal paths contains a 24dB amplifier and two user-programmable attenuators (one digitally controlled, one analog controlled), giving an adjustable dynamic gain range up to 64dB in steps of 1dB. Also, since all these blocks have accessible RF input and output, one can tune the circuit for best NF, best OIP3, or best combined compromises. In the MAX2062 data sheet, the OIP3 has been characterized with two RF tones of 0dBm each and separated by 1MHz. The tests were made at seven different frequencies: 50MHz, 100MHz, 200MHz, 350MHz, 450MHz, 750MHz, and 900MHz.

1210J2500273JXR_Datasheet PDF


D55342E07B10E0RBS_Datasheet PDF


VJ1206V183MXACW1BC_Datasheet PDF


C315C242F3G5TA_Datasheet PDF


M39014/01-1341_Datasheet PDF


MAX6309UK30D1-T_Datasheet PDF


416F37433CDT_Datasheet PDF


MAX6384XS27D3+_Datasheet PDF


1206Y1K20182JXT_Datasheet PDF


1808J0500681JFT_Datasheet PDF


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