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Subjective testing is a complex subject and could fill a complete book just by itself! For more details see Bech and Zacharov (2006).


Under the terms of the agreement STMicroelectronics will sell its flash memory assets, including its share in a Chinese joint-venture with Hynix Semiconductor Inc. and other NOR resources, to the new company while Intel will sell its NOR assets and resources.


First, the architecture of a system forms an important part of the design equation. Next, designers must get through the schematics and layout of the design. During the layout phase the signal integrity factors such as reflections, ground bounce, crosstalk, power supply noise and EMI factors such as radiation and electrostatic discharge need to be considered before the board is built. The guidelines necessary for the optimal schematic and layout design of the board are provided through the schematic and layout checklists in the product Platform Design Guideline (here on referred to as the PDG).


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The second interesting thing is there is no conditioning of the output voltage in the feedback, such as resistive dividers. In the case of the right hand loop, this is exactly the case, as the TL431 output is directly compared to the output voltage through R8. In the left hand case, it is not so clear. The output voltage is divided before it is compared to a reference. However, as we pointed out in the previous Power Tip, that division does not end up in the gain expression.


•  OS Layer : Given the platform's Intel architecture compatibility lineage, a range of operating systems are enabled, including embedded real-time OS (RTOS) and commercial off-the-shelf operating systems that run on a standard PC platform. This layer also includes drivers that are specific to automotive I/O.


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