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Nvidia launches ‘Wayne’ processor with LTE

SI5340A-B03284-GM_Datasheet PDF

Nvidia launches ‘Wayne’ processor with LTE

LONDON – Global Unichip Corp. (Hsinchu, Taiwan), a company which has provided design services, has announced a silicon integrated passive device (IPD) service that can make use of a dedicated IPD manufacturing process at foundry TSMC.

The IPD service allows the integration of traditionally discrete passive RF components such as harmonic filters, couplers, power combiners and dividers and impedance matching circuits in monolithic silicon.

SI5340A-B03284-GM_Datasheet PDF

Multiple passive components can be integrated on a single silicon substrate to create a smaller thinner assembly than is possible with a conventional printed circuit board. It can also provide improved performance, less capacitance variation, higher stability and improved reliability.

Silicon IPD can reduce circuit area by a factor of up to 10, produce devices as thin as 100-microns and capacitance variation of less than 5 percent. IPD design is one of a number of integration services that GUC can provide that also include 2.5-D ICs and 3-D stacking of ICs and system-in-package assembly.

Global Unichip said it can undertake design through to turnkey product delivery for which it will use an IPD manufacturing process technology at foundry Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (TSMC). Although GUC is publicly listed is strongly aligned with TSMC.

SI5340A-B03284-GM_Datasheet PDF

Advanced technology takes on many definitions. We firmly believe that IPD and other multi-chip services will open up cost-effect new frontiers for innovation resulting in products and services that are today only a dream,” said Jim Lai, president of GUC, in a statement.

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SI5340A-B03284-GM_Datasheet PDF

Given the very high theoretical energy limit that LiS technology could produce, there are now multiple chemistries in wide variations as companies scramble to develop products and compete with one another. As a side note, as the technology develops, interesting features are also becoming available, such as Oxis Energy’s claim of having a version that can be safely discharged to 100% depth of discharge and cannot be damaged by overdischarge.

Chemistry (conventional)Charging (polymers of sulfur form at the cathode): Li2S → Li2S2 → Li2S3 → Li2S4 → Li2S6 → Li2S8 → S8

DischargingS8 → Li2S8 → Li2S6 → Li2S4 → Li2S3

UsageThis chemistry is now finding use in military systems, urban electric vehicles, electric scooters, marine propulsion, UAVs, and grid storage. Here’s a photo of one example taking some abuse.


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