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The case took a turn for the sensational in April 2005, when portions of a declaration by van Ginneken surfaced on the Internet. In the declaration, van Ginneken said he used inventions created at Synopsys as the basis for patents obtained by Magma. After the declaration, Synopsys dropped a $100 million suit against van Ginneken.

Days later, van Ginneken filed a motion to make public an entire deposition that he gave Synopsys lawyers. Van Ginneken said the declaration that was made public and that he signed was technically true,” but had selectively included facts favorable to Synopsys.

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In September 2005, Synopsys filed a separate suit against Magma in a Delaware court, claiming that Magma infringes on three different Synopsys patents. Magma later countersued, claimed that Synopsys infringed on some of its patents.

Magma ultimately sought to have the patents it held at issue in the San Francisco case invalidated. A court order in August 2005 barred Magma from seeking reexamination of the patents through the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Aug. 30, 2005. In another bizarre twist, fellow EDA vendor Mentor Graphics Corp. filed a request with the PTO in August 2006 that two of the Magma patents at issue be reexamined.

The PTO had said it would reexamine one of those patents and was due to make a decision on the other. The third patent in the dispute, held by Synopsys, was in question after a PTO ruling in August rejected all 15 of its claims.

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At the April 2006 trial, Synopsys claimed to be the sole owner of the patents while Magma asserted the patents are jointly owned by Synopsys and IBM. Magma claimed that van Ginneken and an IBM engineer named Prabhakar Kudva conceived of the technology, a method of circuit timing closure known as constant delay, during a joint development effort between Synopsys and IBM in the 1990s. Magma argued that it had rights to the technology through an EDA patent cross-licensing agreement it has with IBM.

After nearly three full days of arguments by both sides, Judge Maxine Chesney adjourned the court to consider the evidence. A decision had remained forthcoming ever since. Once ownership of the patents was established, a second phase of the trail was to have been scheduled.

pull in voltage

ELMA is enhancing its all-round competence in the industrial PC (IPC) area with a new line of high-performance TFT panel displays. This marks a further step in the direction of customer-friendly single-source, single-responsibility procurement of visualisation and operator control elements. Tailored solutions can be provided for nearly every imaginable application, combined with the advantages of economical mass production.


Spansion Inc. has leapfrogged Intel Corp. to take the lead in the NOR flash market, according to market researcher iSuppli Corp.

Spansion outpaced last year's overall growth in NOR flash, racking up a 35 percent increase in sales to $1.8 billion. The overall market grew by 16.4 percent to hit $6.1 billion.

That makes Spansion No.1, with 29.9 percent of the market, in flash sold into mobile phones. Intel is No.2 with 26.1 percent, followed by STMicroelectronics at 15.7 percent, Samsung Electronics at 11.2 percent and Toshiba Corp. at 6.5 percent.

The major factor behind Spansion's impressive gains was its increasing sales to top-tier handset makers and market-share increases in Japan and the Asia/Pacific region,” wrote Mark DeVoss, a senior memory analyst for iSuppli in a recent report.


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