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The report says that Tesla S stores non-geo-located data in-vehicle in non-volatile memory using a removable SD card installed within the Gateway ECU.

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The report says that Tesla S stores non-geo-located data in-vehicle in non-volatile memory using a removable SD card installed within the Gateway ECU.

The initial adoption of the etCSP package was in PCMCIA Type II removable hard disk drives, said the company. Stacked etCSP packages are now being evaluated for application in MP3 players and memory cards that use high-capacity flash memory devices requiring test and burn-in before stacking to eliminate the risk of device yield loss, according to Amkor. Other potential applications include cellular phone and portable personal communication applications.

The base etCSP package is constructed on a thin-core organic laminate with full sized 0.3-mm diameter solder balls on a standard 0.5-mm pitch, Amkor said. Conventional mold compound holds the wirebonded die in the bottomless” cavity of the package. Amkor said this structure has proven to be more reliable than competing packages or bare die applications.

M4506 SL005

The MC100EP16VB and the MC100EP16VC differential amplifiers have been released for the design of SONET/SDH, Gigabit Ethernet, fibre channel, and Infiniband reference clock-oscillator modules, as well as backplane and fiber-optic module applications. Capable of operating at speeds greater than 3 GHz, these 3.3- to 5-V devices are designed for OC-3, OC-12, and OC-48 applications. Both differential amplifiers feature typical edge speeds of 150 ps and are packaged in SOIC-8, TSSOP, and die forms. As an extra feature, the MC100EP16VC adds a synchronous-enable control that allows the output to be turned on and off.

ON Semiconductor Corp.,

TOKYO — Poor Rambus DRAM and Pentium 4 sales have piled further misery on this year's terrible memory market, forcing Toshiba Corp. to cut DRAM production 26 percent as the company ceases production of 128-and 256-Mbit parts at Fab 1 of its Yokkaichi Operations facility at the end of September.

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Citing a deepening global downturn” that was particularly severe” for memory parts, the world's number-two semiconductor maker said the move would slash the company's memory production by 7 million units, reducing Toshiba's total output to 20 million.

The closure comes as a bitter blow to Toshiba's high hopes of ramping Rambus DRAM (RDRAM) parts in the face of worse than expected sales of Intel Corp.'s Pentium 4 chips, to which the memory has been until recently exclusively bundled. This spring, Toshiba Corp., Elpida Memory Inc. and Samsung Semiconductor, launching a propaganda offensive, promised to boost RDRAM production. As with Samsung and NEC, until this summer RDRAM was seen as a premium product, with Toshiba Semiconductor Co. president Yasuo Morimoto publically committing the company to switching production to it away from SDRAM.

M4506 SL005

Samsung said it planned to double production to 20 million 128-Mbit equivalents in the second half of this year; NEC claimed it would pump out 5 million parts beginning in September, while Toshiba promised 8 million.

Half a year later, the promise of RDRAM parts as a sole profit source and comfort to DRAM makers is in tatters, at least for Toshiba.

The latest version of EMB² provides compliance with the MTAPI reference implementation plus C++ wrappers for convenient task management. It supports heterogeneous systems at all levels. It addition it has improved support for timing-critical applications using task priorities and affinities.

The framework is available for download at GitHub under a BSD license. Contributions such as enhancements and ports to other operating systems are welcome. More information on EMB² can be found here, and the MTAPI spec can be downloaded for free here.

–Tobias Schüle is a member of Siemens’ corporate technology group and a primary creator of EMB².

Scotland's E-Institute, the brainchild of academics at Glasgow and Strathclyde universities, has appointed a business adviser from the US as its first chief executive.

Bill Nisen, co-founder of South Fork International, a management consultancy specialising in the technology sector, takes up post in September.


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